Himontagon Hills, Loay, Bohol

We are no expert and we are novice! But because we are head over heels to hiking, mountaineering, travelling, adventures and stuff alike, we squeezed to our busy sleeping schedule a quick hike to Himontagon Hills or known for some as Morning Hills. Morning Hills is located at Botoc, Loay, Bohol, 15 – 20 Minutes bus ride from Tagbilaran City.

Our original plan was to ride the first trip bus bound for Jagna, Bohol at 4:30 am; however we ended up negotiating with a tricycle driver because the original plan was actually unsure. I and my cousin “kano” fetched Jonnadhel near their house in Taloto (Tagbilaran City) at around 3:30 in the morning; we waited for her under the coconut tree for 48 years. Yes, 48 years! 😀

Once Jo has arrived at our meeting point we headed directly to our destination. For almost 40 minutes of travel via tricycle, we reached at our jump off point in Botoc, Loay, Bohol at around 4:45 am. We paid the driver Php300.00 as agreed and started the hike. With a little information from the drunken men along the corner on how to get to the morning hill peak, we marvel the dark and to the unknown path to us with light to guide our way coming from Jo’s head lamp, the only scout among us.

The hike was just like a walk in a park, the way was partly paved and can be access via any types of vehicle up to the top and there are houses along the way and Stations of the Cross. In order to save time we decided to take the shortcut, it was quite exhausting because the way was steep, but it was manageable.  The hike took about 45 minutes in a regular walking pace and without taking a break on the way.

Little by little Himontagon or Morning Hills is now gaining attention to some Boholanos and tourists due to its scenic surrounding overlooking the Bohol Sea which is best viewed during sunrise and sunset. And also, it is quite a dreamland for aspiring nature photographer like my friend Jonnadhel.

Here some of our photos: 🙂 (photos from Jonnadhel)















Tricycle Ride Tagbilaran – Botoc, Loay, Bohol (you can opt for a bus bound for Jagna to save) 300.00
4 pcs Burger for Breakfast at P29 each 116.00
Bus ride from Botoc Loay – Bool Tagbilaran at P20 /head 60.00
Multicab from Bool – Tagbilaran City Proper at P8 /head 24.00
Total 500.00

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2 thoughts on “Himontagon Hills, Loay, Bohol

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your adventure in Bohol. I am searching for other adventure in Bohol besides the country tour and panglao island and found your article about himontagon hills. A big help to us!

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