Compiled Thoughts: A Message for Myself


Sometimes you made ridiculous decisions not because you didn’t have a choice but because those were the things or feats that will make you happy. Or, those were the steps in realizing your dreams no matter how odd your choice was.

Don’t loose heart even if others or the society will condemn you. It’s your life, you should live it the way you wanted it to be. Someday they will understand, will be proud and appreciate the decisions you’ve made. And sometimes you will become an inspiration to others for being brave enough to follow your heart and take the risk.

It will not be an easy & smooth ride, there will be obstacles, and challenges, heartaches and it will be painful to the point of agony. Those things will determine and define you, whether you will continue to fight for your dreams or you will allow yourself to accept defeat and venture for another direction and live according to standards.

I wish that you will not surrender, that you will be strong in times of hardships and trials. What are you into right now? That too shall pass. Everything in this world is temporary, happiness, sadness and heartaches. Everything shall pass.

Keep living, keep going and live with passion.

Enjoy the journey, your life’s journey!

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